5 Questions to Ask to Solidify Your Brand's Content

Earlier this week, I witnessed a well established brand on Facebook dilute their brand. For most, it most likely went unnoticed. Perhaps for me, because I live and breathe this every day, I'm hyper aware of when small changes are made to a brand. 

Dilution of a brand happens when you aren't owning up to your business' value proposition. To clarify: when you create your brand, you've articulated the core values of your business to the customer. You've clearly explained what you are, and what you are not. Training yourself and your employees on what your brand represents to the marketplace is key to keeping your brand in tip-top shape. Here are some simple questions you can ask to help you solidify your brand online.

  • What is the purpose of this content?
    • I encourage you to take a beat and ask one more question: "Why?" Why are you creating this content? Finding your why will give you the foundation to start developing...whatever it is you're developing. (Thanks Simon Sinek.)
  • Is what I'm posting relevant to my target audience? 
    • Whatever the content you're creating, ask yourself: "Who do I want to see this?" This is key. If your target market is segmented, this one question will help you refine your content. If your target is quite focused on one niche already, you'll be guided into the right stage of your customer's journey. 
  • Am I using consistent tone and phrasing?
    • If your business doesn't have a voice guideline to follow, it's a good idea to create one. It can be as simple as "we will say... we will not say...", or it can be more robust depending on how many writers you have creating content in your organization. Here are 5 easy steps to help you define your brand voice, from Content Marketing Institute.
  • Are my images consistent with my brand standard?
    • There are some times where it's ok to shy away from your brand standards, but those are generally few and far between. A meme, or "me-me" as my mother likes to call them, can be one of those instances so long as it's used properly and appropriately (unless you've built memes into your brand standard already). When in doubt, leverage what you've already got for collateral and use it to your advantage - especially if you've got brand recognition already.
  • What does the data say?
    • So often we forget that we have a plethora of data available to us at our fingertips - quite literally. Our analytics are integrated into almost every facet of our digital marketing, so use it to your advantage. (If you're not quite sure how, let's talk about it.) If you're seeing lower than normal engagement rates, higher bounce rates on your website, lower open rates on your email marketing...something is up. Push pause and review, rework, and push play.

If you feel your brand isn't as strong in the digital marketplace as it should be, or if you've asked yourself these questions and are completely lost, I'm here to help. Creating and executing brands that can be integrated in all facets of your business is something I love to do. Whether you need a brand standard you and your team can follow, or a suite of marketing materials you leverage for a consistent and clean image, don't hesitate to get in touch.